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Tradiuus; Proximity Trade Contractors. For real time response to your residential / commercial emergencies from trade services coincidentally near you. On spot estimation services are also available. The app allows customers the ability to detect contractors on our map, who are either transient or closeby. The customer can immediately interact with the detected contractor by either calling he/she directly or by text booking them. These contractors make themselves especially available for responding to emergency service request and to a limited extent providing estimates. Why not? If a Blacktop Contractor is repaving your neighbor's driveway 2 blocks away, why would he be adverse to rendering you a spot quote. Tradiuus provides such a dynamic marketspace where transacting between a homeowner and a tradesman is as simple as hailing a cab. With Tradiuus, you can 'Hail A Trade'  The platform offers the ultimate convenience of both detecting all the trades already working in your neighborhood and quickly booking services with them. These trades are appreciative of the opportunity to create incidental revenue from the local customer base whilst conveniently performing previously booked services. Become immersed in our marketspace, connect with trades in your radius with Tradiuus. The next time you need a contractor, just 'Tradiuus It'

To reinforce, the app opens onto our map homescreen, illustrating both the user’s registered address and proximity active trade contractors. These contractors are represented by their respective icons and the operative sequence simply begins by tapping on any trade icon that's currently reflected on the map. A profile card pops up, where the user can either directly call the represented contractor or electronically book service. An additional plethora of distillation directives are also available.

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