Active, and Real Time Trade Contractors,
Who Can Respond to "Service Calls" Close By

The "Service Call" App, which connects real time, active Trade Contractors
who are conveniently close by, to real time Customers with needs.

Tradiuus. Active Trade Contractors in your immediate Radius.

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Are You A Contractor?

We have just created the First Emergency / "Service Call" Platform tailored for you. Your real time location can conveniently earn your company more money / business.

Are You A Customer?

We have just created the First Emergency / "Service Call" Platform, where you can see and connect with all nearby, real time Contractors and get services quicker.

Are You A Technician?

Tell your Company about our new Emergency / "Service Call" Platform, where your real time location can conveniently earn you and your company more money / business.

Why Tradiuus?


Tradiuus allows the User to open the App, and scan all the active Trade Contractors available for Service calls on our real-time map. Contractors are located within 0 - 10 miles from the User's address.

  • Automatic Detection.
  • Trades either working or roving close by.
  • Some Trades are available 24/7.


Tradiuus makes detecting any Trade Contractor super easy. Just open the app and all the active, real time Trades, populate the map. Active and available Trades within 0 - 10 miles suddenly become visible. These Trades suddenly become simply a text or call away.

  • Moving Trade Icons on Map
  • Tap on Icon, Preview Profile Card
  • Either Text or Call Directly

Mutually Beneficial

The Tradiuus platform becomes beneficial to both Trade Contractors and Customers. They can both take advantage of their proximity. Why use the internet, when there's an active plumber finishing a job just two blocks away.

  • Contractors can gain more incidental cash
  • No more useless web surfing.
  • Their proximity is plus.